S3: HEAD & NOT the Tail!

Let Dr. Robyn equip you on how to become the Head and Not the Tail and stop living dictated by behavior, people, and circumstance.


God has called us to live as the head and not the tail. We’re already the head, but this remains potential until we choose to activate it for our lives. Unfortunately, our opinions, emotions, and fear that are not grounded in the birthing of the spirit rob us of the awareness of this potential and position that we hold. Dr. Robyn Kassas prepares us to enter the prophetic season of change with a fireball seminar to show us how to live as sons and daughters of the King of Kings and what it means to be seated as the Head and not the tail. Many people teach the theory and principle of this truth, but the practical activation of it is seldom taught.

If we truly want to experience the Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven, we need the keys that will unlock the potential God has placed within us -- the original parts. We were never created to be the tail, but through our choices and our agreement -- coupled with demonic interference we have learned a lifestyle of living "after the fact." Not only does this affect our self-identity, it contaminates our authority as we believe that we have to do something more to gain God's goodness. This mindset enters the believer's constant treadmill of "performance Christianity."

As Christ is the head of the Church, he is our model for how to walk this life in this spirit. Chasing people, circumstances, and even demons do not make you the head...it only makes you a slave!

Dr. Robyn will share gems from the Holy Spirit that will open our eyes to the truth. You don’t want to miss this live-changing seminar which will leave you transformed and armed with the keys of the kingdom, which will position you as the Head and NOT the Tail!


1st Session: 4:30PM - 5:30PM

Dinner Break: 5:30PM - 6:30PM

2nd Session: 6:30PM - 8PM

30 Min Break

Final Session 8:30PM - 10:30PM (This session includes a prophetic activation workshop with Dr Robyn Kassas)

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