Spiritual Warfare: The Right To Bear Arms

Join Ps. Tony as he equips you in operating in spiritual warfare and imparts the spiritual principles and keys to operate in your God-given authority.


There has been much debate in the United States about its citizen’s rights to bear arms.  A right which was installed in the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  Every Christian has the authority to bind and loose (legislate spiritual decrees and laws) on earth things that  have heavenly ramifications. This ecclesiastical power is enhanced further by every believer’s ability to understand the apostle Paul’s admonition to bear their spiritual armor; namely, the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the sword of the Spirit, the belt of truth and the shoes of the gospel of peace.

In this seminar we will discuss the believer’s elevation into the Courts of heaven and how we can:

  • Tune our hearts to the will of the Father to and make declarations of God’s will and grace according to his purposes on earth.
  • Counteract the Accuser’s legal prosecutions against us through the work of the Cross
  • Authorize the angels of God to do the Lord’s bidding on behalf of the Church

We will also discuss the way to effectively engage in spiritual warfare by:

  • Submitting unto God our hearts and desires, our sins and failings
  • Receiving His grace and commandments as empowerment for victory
  • Use the Armor of God correctly 
  • Set in order corporate warfare strategies

And much more.

Love is the motive, faith is the means and victory is the outcome.


1st Session: 5:30-7:30pm
Break: 7:30-8:30pm
2nd Session: 8:30-10:30pm


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