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One of the ways to advance and grow in what God is doing in our church is progress from a consumer to a contributor. We want want you have because you are the church and your contribution is vital to us reaching those we are called to. You are not just called to warm a seat or to be entertained–you are called to exercise and grow the gifts that God has given you so that they can be reproduced in others. Our church is full of so many diverse people from different areas of influence in life.

We are so thankful that they allow God to use their individual gifts and willingness to serve to grow and impact each ministry and area within our church. So, we encourage you to check out the areas where you can get involved and contribute your gifts and unique talents to play a part in bringing change, excellence, and building the church to be a place that people call, “Home”.

Volunteering is a brilliant way to build great friendships whilst also practically helping build the church and making weekend services amazing for all who come and attend.

Different Ways To Contribute:

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