6:30 PM Service

We’re all about people because God is all about people. One of the ways we express our love for Him is through our love for people.

6:30 PM Service

Next Service Date:
Dec 29, 2019
Pre-Service prayer begins 30 mins before service.

This is the main service at our church and our broadcast service. The atmosphere is electrifying with the presence of God that convicts and challenges us to go beyond religious experience . The worship is dynamic and extravagant which creates a vacuum that only the Holy spirit can fill. The message is delivered by one of our Senior Leadership and causes us to cultivate an intimacy with Jesus that is founded by mature relationship with Him and with others. This service is not for the faint of heart as we know you will leave different that you entered - challenged, confronted, alive, and changed!

Service Leaders:
Dr Robyn Kassas
Ps. Tony Kassas
Worship Leaders:
Ps. Nathan Kassas

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