Our Vision

MIssion statement
We lead people to more than an experience but a total lifestyle and relationship that is real, relevant, and relational with Jesus Christ.

Souls Saved.

People’s entrance into the Kingdom of God is the highest priority at TORCC NY.  All we do is ultimately geared to better our ability to reach the lost.  We endeavor to use every available means of communicating the message of the love and forgiveness of God to the world in the most relevant way possible. 


We believe every member of the church is equipped with God-given gifts that can be used to reach the people in their sphere of influence. 

We reach people :

- Through genuine care and friendship.
- Through big events and celebration services.

- Through excellence in our workplace or vocation.

- Through provision of certain practical services to our communities.

Lives Changed.

Jesus came to give us life in abundance. But certain root issues in our lives prevent us from experiencing the fulness of life that God wants us to have.  TORCC NY encourages converts to become disciples of Jesus.  This means that change in the person will be evident.Change is only good when we are transformed into the image of Jesus!  To be used as change agents in the world, we must allow God to change us!

- Through proper discipleship and mentoring.
- Through demonstrating the power of God-through healing, deliverance and prophecy.
- Through Biblically-based teaching.

Leaders Raised.

TORCC NY believes that to be successful we must plan for the future.  We aim to train and equip our future leaders to achieve greater benchmarks than previous generations.  Out of the pool of our membership are those saints who know that servitude is at the heart of God’s shepherd leaders.

We raise tomorrow’s leaders:

- Through hands-on servitude and ministry involvement.
- Through character, gift and theological development.
- Through demonstrating the Shepherd heart of Christ.