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It is from the understanding stated above, that our Freedom ministry is a unique inner deliverance ministry aimed to get to the root of –point of entry– of what may be hindering you from entering into a deeper relationship with Jesus. During this time our ministry team will sit down with you in a private setting and guide you through the process of freedom and wholeness. This is not a counseling session-if counseling is needed then other ministry alternatives can be arranged. Instead, this a time of delayering the soul from demonic oppression and filling you back up with the experiential reality of who Jesus is, so that you can pursue and fulfill your complete calling and destiny as a child of God!

Types of Wholeness ministry

Raising up the next generation to burn brightly for Jesus.
Colleen Fechner
Children's Pastor

Colleen is our Children’s and “Kidztown” pastor where she oversees all children’s ministries, programs, and volunteers. She is also the chief educator of our in house private homeschooling network.   

She is a graduate of Belhaven University in Jackson, MS with a BFA in Dance.  Colleen specializes in ballet and modern dance forms and has forged them as tools of evangelism to not only fulfill her dreams as an artist but reach the next generation.  

Colleen is a successful businesswoman who owns her own babysitting management company in NYC - “The Sitter Connection NYC”. Here Colleen has built her business from the ground up. She employs trusted, reliable, and relational babysitters for the New York City area. Over the years through building relationships and developing trust, “The Sitter Connection NYC”  has become a trusted and reliable business and source to help families and employees alike. As her business is growing in reach and size, she looks forward to conquering new ventures and seeing the Childcare industry transformed with the revelation of Jesus. 

Colleen is adored by our children, and for good reason. Her love and care, her gentleness and solemness are all sources of security and comfort. She has a love to see the next generation rise up and take their place in the End Time Army Of Saints. Colleen is instrumental in training leaders, volunteers, and other team members to carry the vision that we have for all our children. She is apart of creating innovative programs, curriculum, and activities that don’t exclude children from encountering the love of God but include their expression of worship and communication -- as we know there is no such thing as a “junior Holy Spirit”. Her vision is to see each child understanding the God that lives within them and help them to grow a relationship with the Holy Spirit where they hear His voice just as Samuel did at a young age. 

She is also active in helping to pioneer our children’s freedom department where she works closely with the transformation ministry of our church and parents to see each child walk free from oppression and fear. 

Look out for more from Colleen and our Kidztown programs on TORCC TV. 

Colleen has also completed the SOAP school leadership modules as follows:

  • Foundations in the Prophetic
  • Operating in the Prophetic
  • Advancing In the Prophetic
  • Communion With God
  • Counseled By God
  • Ministering Spiritual Gifts
  • Theology 101
  • Every Wind of Doctrine
  • The Beginning of the End
  • The Genesis Record
  • The Joseph/Daniel Marketplace



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A week ago, God used Ps.Natalie and (I’m sorry—) another sister whose name I don’t recall, to set me free from Guilt & Condemnation. Since then, I have been SO THANKFUL for the increase in liberty I’ve enjoyed. Remembering this new freedom gives me Hope that what I experienced will also become a testimony to the LORD’s love through healing and freedom. Amen.


Hi Team,

Just wanted to thank you and the team for my deliverance session, I feel amazing since getting my freedom and I sleep well at night to, I’ve noticed a change in the way I interact also with people, much nicer and how people respond to me too.

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