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“Therefore I want the men everywhere to pray, lifting up holy hands without anger or disputing.” – 1 Timothy 2:8

At TORCC New York, we are real men seeking to have deeper relationship with Jesus and live a God-first life. Strengthen Him is about encouraging brothers to come together and grow in faith and fellowship. We’re here to help you discover your strengths as a husband, son, brother, father, businessman, or leader. We recognize that every man has an innate desire to be part of something bigger than himself, develop bonds with like minded brothers, and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Strengthen Him is a time when we come together as men and talk real talk about real issues to obtain real answers. We stir one another to live God's best for each individual man, and spend time growing together in spirit. These times are full of discussions, events, gatherings, and special outings. We want to empower you to impact your workplace, communities—and most importantly—your families for the kingdom of God.

Whether you’re a college student, a new husband, a single parent, or enjoying the prime of your life, there’s a place for you.


It is from the understanding stated above, that our Freedom ministry is a unique inner deliverance ministry aimed to get to the root of –point of entry– of what may be hindering you from entering into a deeper relationship with Jesus. During this time our ministry team will sit down with you in a private setting and guide you through the process of freedom and wholeness. This is not a counseling session-if counseling is needed then other ministry alternatives can be arranged. Instead, this a time of delayering the soul from demonic oppression and filling you back up with the experiential reality of who Jesus is, so that you can pursue and fulfill your complete calling and destiny as a child of God!

Types of Wholeness ministry

The Strengthen Him men's team is passionate about seeing men take their place in the Kingdom of God and no longer sitting on the sidelines. They want to see men changed, revived, called, and positioned for their destiny in Christ Jesus.
Tim Byrnes
Asst. Pastor | Men's Pastor

Tim has been apart of TORCC New York since it's conception and founding. He is a vital member and contributor to our mandate and culture. Tim Byrnes’ ministry gifts are pastor, teacher and leadership. Tim is also an avid historian with a particular aptitude for Early Church History.  He is also a capable apologist for all the essential foundational Christian doctrines that seem to have been tainted or ignored in most recent times in many Christian circles.  His passion for the early church writers and the revivalists of the 19th Century has influenced him in such a way that Tim has in many ways become a ‘Revivalist Advocate’.

Tim’s heart is as large as his theology.  A true shepherd, he is always ready to Guide and guard the Lord’s people in practical ways as well.  He is always looking for ways to assist men in the calling and responsibilities as priests to their homes.  For this reason Tim heads up ‘Strengthen Him’ - a ministry specifically for men, dealing with ‘manly’ issues.

Tim is a graduate of NYU with a Masters in Teaching in Music. He graduated with distinctions in the following courses of study in the School Of Apostles and Prophets (SOAP) New York:

  • The Great Doctrines of the Bible
  • Every Wind Of Doctrine
  • The Beginning of The End
  • The Theology Of Prophecy
  • Prophetic Foundations
  • Operating In the Prophetic
  • Advancing In the Prophetic
  • Communion With God
  • Counseled By God
  • Abiding in Christ
  • Joseph & Daniel Company
  • Ministering Spiritual Gifts
  • Freedom and Deliverance Training
  • Counseling and Guidance

Anders Mikkelsen
Deacon | Men's Walkout Leader | Publishing

Anders and his wife Tennille are deacons and established leaders in TORCC NY. They both have a heart for connecting with people and establishing community, friendship, and God centered relationships. 

Anders is a businessman and runs his own telecommunication efficiency service to large companies.  Anders has written a book about the telecommunication industry and its strengths and weaknesses in the US and abroad.  Anders has a BA in Communications and has helped others in their web publishing pursuits. His background and experience in communications and publishing has played a part in him leading the TORCC NY Publishing department along with his wife . 

They both oversee the distribution of teaching materials, books, e-books, etc and are key team leaders in the publishing of Canaan Land Prophetic Journal. They have a desire to see the prophetic word of God reach all forms of communication and all industries. 

Anders also leads the “Walk Out” ministry for men. Here Anders is involved in mentoring men to walkout their freedom in their everyday choices and lifestyle. He has a heart to connect with men and see them built up in confidence and knowing who they are in Christ. Anders mentoring is not just spiritual but practical. He is usually seen giving some great business advice, helping with resume presentation, or teaching some cool excel tricks. 

His vision for each man is that He become compassionate and sacrificial love for others just as Christ laid down His life for the church. He loves family and children and He and Tennille are eagerly awaiting and believing God for children of their own.

Anders has completed the SOAP leadership module including the following:

  • The Great Doctrines of the Bible (Theology Stream)
  • The Beginning of The End (Eschatology Stream)
  • The Theology Of Prophecy (Prophetic Stream)
  • Prophetic Foundations (Prophetic Stream)
  • Operating In the Prophetic (Prophetic Stream)
  • Advancing In the Prophetic (Prophetic Stream)
  • Communion With God (Relationship Stream)
  • Counseled By God (Relationship Stream)
  • Abiding in Christ (Relationship Stream)
  • Joseph Daniel Company (Marketplace Ministry Training)
  • Ministering Spiritual Gifts.  (Theology Stream)
  • Freedom and Deliverance Training 
  • Counseling and Guidance

Brandon Hill
Men's Freedom Director / Men's Leader

Brandon has been called to the mountains of business, entertainment, and the church. He is a qualified personal trainer and works outside the church in the financial arena.   He ran his own business for many years out of state before obeying the call of God and moving back to New York.  Since joining our team Brandon has become a leader in the Freedom Ministry arm and also assists as one of the lead men’s leaders in “Strengthen Him”.  Brandon has accumulated the knowledge and experience in Freedom ministry that has enabled him to be an effective minister of God’s liberation power in the deliverance ministry.  He has helped so many men receive freedom from bondage and to maintain it in their daily walk.  His personal training classes are ego – crushing, spirit - gushing events that our men (and sometimes women) love!!  Brandon operates in the gift of faith and encouragement - two gifts that are desperately needed in the Body of Christ. 

Brandon’s heart for people is what sets him apart. He is a friend, brother, and leader that is passionate about seeing people be set free from the lies of the enemy that have kept their identity in Christ bound up.  

Brandon has completed the leadership training modules of the SOAP school as follows:

Foundations in the Prophetic

Operating in the Prophetic

Advancing In the Prophetic

Communion With God

Counseled By God

Abiding In Christ

Ministering Spiritual Gifts

Theology 101

Every Wind of Doctrine

The Beginning of the End

The Genesis Record

The Fragment Soul

The Fragmented Soul: Recovering My Soul



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A week ago, God used Ps.Natalie and (I’m sorry—) another sister whose name I don’t recall, to set me free from Guilt & Condemnation. Since then, I have been SO THANKFUL for the increase in liberty I’ve enjoyed. Remembering this new freedom gives me Hope that what I experienced will also become a testimony to the LORD’s love through healing and freedom. Amen.


Hi Team,

Just wanted to thank you and the team for my deliverance session, I feel amazing since getting my freedom and I sleep well at night to, I’ve noticed a change in the way I interact also with people, much nicer and how people respond to me too.

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