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Personal ministry is one of the founding principles of our church. We believe that the church has the answer to every need of the body of Christ and therefore we are to activate all that Christ died to equip us with in each believers life.

We have many different ministries available for you to receive from and it's our hope that no matter what type of ministry you are seeking, you will be uplifted, changed, and come to know Jesus in a deeper way.

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Transformation Ministry

The Transformation ministry arm is purposed in seeing the believer become transformed into the image of Christ in the fullness of their identity. Whether it's dealing with the past, breaking strongholds, healing wounds, or replacing thought patterns and mindsets, the transformation arm's mandate is to see the body of Christ free and walking in total wholeness in every area of their life.


Receive counseling that is grounded in Biblical truth, led by the Holy Spirit, and conducted by trusted and proven leadership.


Our Freedom ministry unlocks freedom from demonic suppression, depression, and oppression in the believer's life.


The follow up ministry of TORCC designed to help each believer not only confession their freedom and healing but activate it everyday.


Inner healing that takes you deeper than wellness but activates wholeness in Jesus Name.

Prophetic ministry

Dipping Night

Hear God speak to you personally and be uplifted by powerful prophetic ministry that is mature, accountable, tested, and proven.

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Igniting purpose, bringing spiritual maturity, developing a communicative relationship with Jesus, and releasing true identity.

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