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Dipping Night is a special event where visitors can come and be encouraged and exhorted by our prophetic ministry teams. How? Most of our frustrations come from confusion.  We know what the Scriptures say about God and His will and how He truly wants to bless and mature us, but sometimes we may need something more specific that will bring the pieces of the ‘puzzle’ together to reveal what the outcomes will be. These gifts are what are commonly called prophecy and the word of knowledge. This ministry will join some of the dots of your life together for clarity and refresh you!

The prophetic ministry of our Church and especially of Dipping Night is about igniting purpose, bringing spiritual maturity, developing a communicative relationship with Jesus, and releasing true identity.


It is from the understanding stated above, that our Freedom ministry is a unique inner deliverance ministry aimed to get to the root of –point of entry– of what may be hindering you from entering into a deeper relationship with Jesus. During this time our ministry team will sit down with you in a private setting and guide you through the process of freedom and wholeness. This is not a counseling session-if counseling is needed then other ministry alternatives can be arranged. Instead, this a time of delayering the soul from demonic oppression and filling you back up with the experiential reality of who Jesus is, so that you can pursue and fulfill your complete calling and destiny as a child of God!

Types of Wholeness ministry

Hear God Speak To You!
Ps. Nathan Kassas
Assoc. Pastor | Director of Ministries

Nathan is apart of our Global Leadership team serving as Associate Global Leader. He alongside his beautiful wife Natalie is the Associate Pastor of our New York City Campus. 

Nathan originally moved to New York on a dance scholarship. Nathan’s experience as a dancer, choreographer, singer and songwriter span the globe.  As a featured soloist, he has performed all over the world for the last 20 years and at significant events such as: Cutting Edge Composers III at the NYMF Festival in New York City, the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Pacific Youth Opera, World Youth Day, Australian National Rugby League (National Anthem soloist), and the United Nations Universal Peace Federation Awards, The Today Show (NBC), The Today Show (Aus), So You Think You Can Dance (Aus), and many more. 

Nathan’s choreography has been featured at major events like World Youth Day 2008, Global Youth Festival 2008, Peace Ambassador Awards, Living for Others Awards and the Sydney Royal Easter Show (six years running).  He has trained in dance at iconic schools such as: Broadway Dance Center The Edge L.A., Millenium Dance Complex, IDA Hollywood, The Ailey Shool, and Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio. Nathan has performed with and assisted the world’s best choreographers and teachers and has danced with artists such as Chris Brown, Rihanna, Jessica Mouboy, Channing Tatum (Magic Mike), and many more. Not only is Nathan an expert in dance, but he has also trained in classical voice at the Sydney Conservatorium Of Music, Pacific Youth Opera, and The Juilliard School.

Nathan has had extensive experience as the head instructor, artistic director and choreographer at Next Level Generation Performing Arts Company (NLG) in Sydney, Australia, a company he helped founded with Dr Robyn Kassas. During His years with NLG, Nathan directed and choreographed for TV shows, live concerts, musical theatre, arena concerts,, and festivals. He also trained and taught over 300 students each week and has conducted master classes and workshops all over the world. 

Transitioning into full-time ministry when He become a dad, Nathan is the Director of Ministries for all TORCC locations. He has a M.Min from Christian Leadership University, and been active n ministry since a very young age. 

He is currently the Worship Pastor of Collide Worship -- the sound of our church in NYC -- and can be seen leading worship at our Sunday Services, during Broadcasts, and at all major events. Not only does Nathan serve as Director in the Worship department, but he is the oversight for all ministries. He is pioneers new ministry ventures for our church, is on the global leadership team, and is responsible as the director for all arms of ministry which include: media, production, creative, worship, broadcast, music, technology, and publishing, . 

He is a powerful minister with over 20 years of experience moving in the prophetic, freedom and deliverance, transformation, and counseling. 

Not only is Nathan a well rounded minister, he is also a gifted teacher. He has a unique gift in communicating many unknown processes behind understanding how the spiritual and supernatural works. He has pioneered and taught groundbreaking courses and seminars for our School Of Apostles and Prophets such as: “Spiritual Roots Of Disease”, “Hearing God Through Your Dreams”, “The Fragmented Soul Pt I & Pt. II”, “Recovering My Soul - The Next Layer”,” God’s Purpose For The Arts”, “Connecting The Dots”, “Davidic Worship”, and many more.

As the Director Of School, he works closely with Dean of School to help create, facilitate, and administer current and new courses and programs. His role also includes guiding students through their coursework and practicum, and conducting sessions for courses and classes. 

His gift of being a “jack of all trades” has led him to influence many different ministry arms within our church. Nathan established and spearheads our technology initiatives such as TORCC TV, SOAP Online, The Portals Podcast, Canaan Land Prophetic Journal, Dipping Night Online, TORCC.ORG, and our in house church management system and database. 

He is often seen inputting our transformation teams with powerful truths that help to set people free and bring healing, and works side by side with our Senior Leadership in counseling and mentoring leaders and members alike. He has a passion to see each believer no longer a victim but living as a victor in Christ Jesus. 

It is safe to say that whatever arm of ministry, Nathan is involved. He is crucial in the building of church vision, culture, and reach. His call as an Apostle is seen by the way that he pours and guides all of our teams both locally and internationally -- building team culture that is encouraging, mature, accountable, and relational. 

He and his beautiful wife Natalie have three amazing children -- Keren, Levi, and Zeke. 

Nathan has graduated with distinctions in the following courses of study in the School Of Apostles and Prophets New York:

  • The Great Doctrines of the Bible (Theology 101)
  • The Beginning of The End (Eschatology)
  • The Theology Of Prophecy
  • Prophetic Foundations
  • Operating In the Prophetic
  • Advancing In the Prophetic
  • Communion With God
  • Counseled By God
  • Abiding in Christ
  • Beyond Abiding
  • Joseph Daniel Company (Market Place Ministry Training)
  • Ministering Spiritual Gifts.
  • Freedom and Deliverance Training
  • Counseling and Guidance
  • Adjusting The Atmosphere
  • Joseph Daniel Company
  • Genesis Record
  • Creation Vs. Evolution
  • Every Wind Of Doctrine


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