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Portals is a special podcast from Times Of Refreshing Christian Centre New York where we dive into deep discussion about elements of faith, spirituality, and all things Jesus. Pioneered by Dr Robyn Kassas and hosted by Shenaya Anisse, portals unlocks truths and key gems that are shared in prophetic conversation through the teachings at TORCC NY & SOAP NY.

Join us for enlightened conversation that is full of challenges, encouragement, and answers to questions that you may be asking, which will deepen your relationship with Jesus.


It is from the understanding stated above, that our Freedom ministry is a unique inner deliverance ministry aimed to get to the root of –point of entry– of what may be hindering you from entering into a deeper relationship with Jesus. During this time our ministry team will sit down with you in a private setting and guide you through the process of freedom and wholeness. This is not a counseling session-if counseling is needed then other ministry alternatives can be arranged. Instead, this a time of delayering the soul from demonic oppression and filling you back up with the experiential reality of who Jesus is, so that you can pursue and fulfill your complete calling and destiny as a child of God!

Types of Wholeness ministry

Dr Robyn Kassas
Senior Minister / Overseeing Prophet -

Senior Minister / Overseeing Prophet -DDiv; DMin

Dr Robyn Kassas is the founder and senior minister of Times of Refreshing Christian Center (TORCC) in both Australia and the United States.

Dr Robyn, alongside her first husband Pastor Ken Mackie (now deceased and with the Lord) set the foundations for what has grown into a thriving international ministry. TORCC is comprised of two worship centers (one in Parramatta, Australia and the other in Manhattan, New York), two performing arts schools Next Level Generation (in Sydney), New York Generation (NYC), and the School of Apostles and Prophets (SOAP) also in New York City. 

Robyn has been in ministry for over 35 years, and has ministered extensively in Singapore, Malaysia, Kenya, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Israel, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, and the United States.

Dr Robyn’s passion is for equipping believers to be excellent in their vocation and calling in life. She believes that the Church will become the greatest source for good, and clearest conduit of the very presence of God through the Holy Spirit on the earth before the return of Jesus. Robyn is determined to bring the Church out of irrelevance and organized religion and into a body of people connected to their culture and who can contribute excellence in every field of society.

As a prophet, Robyn’s grasp of the prophetic ministry and its function in the local church is groundbreaking.  She demonstrates how the prophetic ministry needs to impact the various societal platforms in our culture. From pastors to politicians, princes and the poor, sporting heroes to musicians and actors, all have experienced the effects of Robyn’s prophetic ministry and wisdom. Robyn is committed to restoring the ministry of the prophet to the church with the highest level of integrity and accountability. This is so important to Robyn that she completed her Master of Christian Arts majoring in the prophetic ministry and studies from Christian Leadership University. 

She is widely recognized for her challenging messages and inspired words straight from the Spirit of God. Her ministry gifts include the prophecy, teaching, leadership and vision-casting. However, her abilities stretch much further, and include the performing arts and community services as well.

Robyn has been an ordained minister of Christian International Apostolic Network since 1995, and has achieved a Doctorate of Divinity from the Christian International Seminary. Robyn has also received a Doctorate of Ministry through the Christian Leadership University, headed by Rev. Mark Virkler.

She is respected by church leaders around and ministers around the world as an ordained and established prophet of over 30 years experience. 

She has written numerous courses on the prophetic, and is the contributing editor and lead writer of Canaan Land Prophetic Journal - a prophetic publication she started 30 years ago which has been published all over the world. 

Robyn is the president of the School Of Apostles and Prophets located in New York City. She oversees the equipping of each student in the fivefold ministries and prophetic and apostolic offices. This now includes the newly launched SOAP Online Campus which is effective in reaching students in every country. 

She has founded the widely successful “Portals Podcast”. This podcast is full of prophetic conversation and revelation and has regular listeners in over 25 countries. 

Her latest venture is the launching and pioneering of TORCC TV. This on-demand streaming service is full of resources that will equip, inspire, and mature each believer's relationship with Jesus to the deepest level. She also recently launched the highly successful original show “Open Eyes”. It is an investigative show that looks into the headlines that the mainstream media is not revealing. This has become a much needed resource for the Church because of the times we are living in. 

Whatever Robyn sets her hand to, fruit comes from and we see the power, presence, and love of God manifest -- lives are transformed, people are changed, and leaders are raised. She loves living in New York City, the heart of the world, and being part of turning the city from a graveyard to a garden for the Kingdom of God. 

Robyn lives in New York with her husband. She has been happily married to her husband Tony for 31 years and has five adult children, two foster children, and 13 grandchildren. 

Dr. Tony Kassas
Executive Pastor | Overseeing Apostle


Tony Kassas has been a member of Times of Refreshing Christian Centre Sydney ever since he was saved through its ministry in the early 1980’s. Six years later, he joined the leadership team. He married Robyn in 1989. Although Tony’s ongoing teaching ministry spans the Australian, South East Asian, and North American continents, he has also ministered in England, Israel, and Kenya.  

Tony Kassas is an ordained and proven prophetic minister and teacher. He has preached and prophesied to thousands of people over 30 years of ministry. His spiritual gifts include teaching, prophecy and governance. His teaching gift aims to help believers grasp the ‘big picture’ regarding the Church in the last days. He has a unique ability to give believers the ‘panoramic’ and ‘macroscopic’ view of events that are about to take place in the world and in the Church. His goal is to prepare the Church to overcome the challenges and experience the victories that will lead to the Second Coming of Jesus!  

His heart’s desire is for everyone to experience what he calls ‘New Testament Church Dynamic’ which is signified by the power, insight, and boldness that filled the early Church in the Book of Acts. As an apostolic father, he faithfully mentors the next generation of leaders and ministers into this dynamic. 

In Sydney, Tony established the Community Assistance Team (CAT) back in 2002, which serves food with a friendly smile to the underprivileged in Parramatta’s City Center.  In New York City, he oversees TORCC NY’s Humanitarian Emergency Relief Team (HERT), which collaborates with other churches and agencies as a first response relief group in the aftermath of natural disasters, supplying basic necessities to victims and their families such as in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. 

Tony also established Visioncorp where Christian men and women with business interests meet regularly to discuss how to better serve and inspire budding entrepreneurs to be excellent in the marketplace. He believes establishing credibility in the marketplace creates a platform for Christians to share the Gospel with businessmen and women as they demonstrate the blessings that accompany righteousness in business ethics. 

He is the academic dean of the School Of Apostles and Prophets and senior lecturer of the Prophetic/Apostolic Stream. Tony is instrumental in providing a Biblical and sound theological framework and accountability for TORCC’s ministry. 

He received his Doctorate of Theology from Christian Leadership University with further studies completed through Ministers Fellowship International, Vision International University, and Christian International Seminary. 

Tony hosts TORCC TV’s original show “Theology Talks” where he discusses doctrine, theology, and Biblical studies. 

He is writing a commentary of the book of Genesis called The Genesis Project. When complete, it will be a prophetic exposition of the book of beginnings and its powerful theological, scientific, and prophetic meaning. 

Tony lives in New York with his wife and son. He has been happily married to his wife Robyn for 31 years and has five adult children and 13 grandchildren. 

Ps. Nathan Kassas
Assoc. Pastor | Director of Ministries

(B.B.S.; M.Min.)

Nathan is a part of our International Leadership team serving as associate international leader. He, alongside his beautiful wife Natalie, is the associate pastor and ministry director of Times of Refreshing Christian Center. 

Nathan originally moved to New York on a dance scholarship. Nathan’s experience as a dancer, choreographer, singer, and songwriter span the world. As a featured soloist, he has performed all over the world for the last 20 years and at significant events such as Cutting Edge Composers III at the NYMF Festival in New York City, the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Pacific Youth Opera, World Youth Day, Australian National Rugby League (National Anthem soloist), and the United Nations Universal Peace Federation Awards, The Today Show (NBC), The Today Show (Aus), So You Think You Can Dance (Aus), and many more. He has trained in dance at iconic schools such as: Broadway Dance Center, The Edge LA, Millenium Dance Complex, IDA Hollywood, The Ailey School, and Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio. Nathan has performed with and assisted the world’s best choreographers and teachers and has danced with artists such as Chris Brown, Rihanna, Jessica Mauboy, Channing Tatum (Magic Mike), and many more. 

Nathan has had extensive experience as the head instructor, artistic director, and choreographer at Next Level Generation Performing Arts Company (NLG) in Sydney, Australia, a company he helped found with Dr Robyn Kassas. During his years with NLG, Nathan creatively directed and choreographed for TV shows, live concerts, musical theatre, arena concerts, and festivals. He also trained and taught over 300 students each week and has conducted master classes and workshops all over the world. 

Not only is Nathan an expert in dance and movement, but he has also trained in classical voice at the Sydney Conservatorium Of Music, Pacific Youth Opera, and continued studies at The Juilliard School in New York City. 

He is currently the worship pastor of Collide Worship -- the sound of our church in NYC -- and can be seen leading worship at our Sunday Services, during broadcasts, and at all major events. 

Nathan is the oversight for all ministries. He is a powerful minister with over 20 years of experience traveling the world moving in the prophetic, freedom and deliverance, transformation, and counseling, under the mentorship of his parents. 

Nathan is also a gifted teacher. He has a unique gift in communicating many unknown processes behind how the supernatural and science work in tandem. He has pioneered and taught groundbreaking courses and seminars for our School Of Apostles and Prophets such as: Spiritual Roots Of Disease, Hearing God Through Your Dreams, God’s Purpose For The Arts, Connecting The Dots, Davidic Worship, Kingdom Emotions, Prophetic Parenting, Real Relationships, and many more. 

As the director of the School Of Apostles and Prophets, he works closely with Dr Robyn Kassas –the president and dean–to help create, facilitate, and administer current and new courses and programs. This includes guiding students through their coursework and practicum and teaching lecture sessions. 

His gift of being a “jack of all trades” has led him to influence many different ministry arms within our church. Nathan established and continues to spearhead our technology initiatives such as TORCC TV, SOAP Online, The Portals Podcast, Dipping Night Online, TORCC.org, Season Casting, and our in-house church management system and database. 

He works closely with transformation teams equipping them with powerful truths that set people free and bring healing. He works side by side with our senior leadership in counseling and mentoring leaders and members alike. He has a passion to see each believer no longer a victim but living as a victor in Christ Jesus. 

He has a Master of Ministry from Christian Leadership University and is currently in the process of completing his Doctorate of Christian Counseling/Psychology and Doctorate of Theology. 

Nathan is crucial in the building of church vision, culture, and reach. His call as an apostle is seen by the way that he pours into and guides all of our teams both locally and internationally -- building a team culture that is encouraging, mature, accountable, and relational. 

He lives in New York City with his wife Natalie and their three amazing children -- Keren, Levi, Ezekiel, with their fourth child on the way. 

Shenaya Annise Mccumings
Youth Pastor | Media

Shenaya or Shenaya Anisse as she is widely known, is a youth pastor and media presenter for TORCC Television.  She is also the main host of the TORCC NY Podcast “Portals”.  As someone who is called to the Arts and Entertainment mountains, Shenaya is widely recognized as the “face” of many TORCC TV programs. She has allowed God to broaden and direct her gifts, and is now having fun discovering the many facets and colors of her creative potential. 

As a professional dancer, she has been in the entertainment industry for the last decade and travelled the world performing on cruise ships, live shows, tours, and music videos. Coming up in the underground dance scene of  Atlanta and NYC, Shenaya has trained with some of the best names in dance, and under some of the most famous commercial choreographers in the world. 

Her creativity is not only limited to dance, she also is a gifted television presenter and radio host. She has had the opportunity of hosting a few radio shows in the New York City area, including her own show called “The Platform.”  Shenaya’s unique flavor is powerful as she is known to ask the hard questions and always keep it real. Shenaya has a heart to reach the dark areas of the entertainment industry with a Gospel that is not compromising but firm in conviction and confession. She longs to see prominent artists and creators alike, come to Jesus and is not ashamed to preach the word of God and say it like it is -- speaking the truth but in love. 

Her infectious personality and joy, but also, her maturity in Christ is what makes her such a great mentor and leader for youth. Shenaya’s personal testimony of being set free from the lifestyle of the industry is so powerful and life-changing. She is gifted with making the gospel ‘real’ to young people by demonstrating practical application of God’s grace and breaking performance mindsets! 

You cannot be a leader unless you have followers, and you will not have followers unless you demonstrate an attitude and life worth following.  Shenaya has both!

Outside of her involvement at church, Shenaya is a successful hairdresser and is moving into the business arena by working toward owning her own Salon. She has worked NYC fashion week and for other prominent events and clients. She is excited to see where God will take her in this adventure, and who she will get to touch with God’s love next. 

Shenaya has completed the SOAP leadership module including the following courses of study:

  • The Great Doctrines of the Bible (Theology Stream)
  • The Beginning of The End (Eschatology Stream)
  • Communion With God (Relationship Stream)
  • Counseled By God (Relationship Stream)
  • Abiding in Christ (Relationship Stream)
  • Ministering Spiritual Gifts.  (Theology Stream)

Jonathan Paredes
Creative Pastor | Visual & Media Director

Jonathan is the Creative Pastor of TORCC. He and his beautiful wife Ashley are deacons in training and are involved in leading each part of the creative and production teams. 

Jonathan is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, he graduated with a BA in Illustration. His design skills and artistic vision gives him an edge when he ministers to the Body of Christ.  While other prophetic ministers primarily speak the word of the Lord – Jon prophesies in pen, pencil, brush and photography.  He is also a very capable prophetic minister through the spoken word. He is the founder and director of “Second Breath Art” where he and other trained artists use their God-given talents to illustrate the prophetic word of God. He has been in demand by churches and other ministries to teach his method of prophetic illustration and using it to engage the voice of God. 

Jon, or “JP” as we love to call him, joined the team at TORCC back in 2014 and has had one of the most remarkable transformations we’ve seen since our founding in 2010. Through the love of God and beautiful shepherding of our Senior Leadership, Jonathan was able to live behind an alternate lifestyle and embrace his true identity in Christ Jesus. He has seen that truth doesn’t change based on experience, and is thankful for the Holy Spirit revealing Himself the way that He did. Now Jonathan is ready to share his powerful testimony with others that are stuck and caught in cycles different lifestyles. He is excited to share there is hope and that hope is...JESUS!

Jonathan also recently married his amazing wife Ashley Brandford in May 2019, and together they are being prepared for more pastoral and leadership responsibilities. 

Jonathan is the main overseer of the creative, media, and production arms of TORCC. He directs all illustrations, visual concepts, and graphic design. In addition, he works closely with Ps. Nathan Kassas in the production of TORCC TV, and is in charge of all Service Broadcasts, Live Tapings, Short Films, Documentaries, etc. 

He also is the chief designer on all graphic media produced by our team which includes: logos, branding, design, concept, graphics, visual presentation. Jonathan works closely with Dr Robyn Kassas on Canaan Land Prophetic Journal and the Annual Season Casting Prophetic Blueprint to uniquely but clearly communicate what God is saying. He helps to shape the face and the look of our ministries to the world. Basically if anything requires film, media, graphics, visual concept, or art...Jonathan is there. It’s for this reason that we like to call him our “Visual Worship Leader”. 

Jonathan works with his team to bring the message through creative and visual expression with clarity and power. 

Jonathan has also completed the SOAP leadership modules as follows:

  • Foundations in the Prophetic
  • Operating in the Prophetic
  • Advancing In the Prophetic
  • Communion With God
  • Counseled By God
  • Ministering Spiritual Gifts
  • Theology 101
  • Every Wind of Doctrine
  • The Beginning of the End
  • The Genesis Record




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A week ago, God used Ps.Natalie and (I’m sorry—) another sister whose name I don’t recall, to set me free from Guilt & Condemnation. Since then, I have been SO THANKFUL for the increase in liberty I’ve enjoyed. Remembering this new freedom gives me Hope that what I experienced will also become a testimony to the LORD’s love through healing and freedom. Amen.


Hi Team,

Just wanted to thank you and the team for my deliverance session, I feel amazing since getting my freedom and I sleep well at night to, I’ve noticed a change in the way I interact also with people, much nicer and how people respond to me too.

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