Cornerstones Of Communication

This course on communication will change your life and relationships. Ps Nathan Kassas will guide you to uncover the why's and how's of communication.


Blow away all the things you think are communication. This course is sure to change your life and reconstruct your relationships. Now, you might be thinking: “But I know how to communicate?” Communication is more than eloquence and big words. It’s more than having the right words. In this groundbreaking course, Ps Nathan Kassas will take you on a journey of recovery and discovery of the why’s and how’s of your communication. But we only look back to move ahead into new communication. You will uncover truths and strategies to defeat the enemy’s tactics of misunderstanding, misinterpretation and manipulation that are designed to break down our relationships with each other and ultimately separate us from God–using our own tongues. Ps Nathan Kassas will bring to light the importance of effective communication, because if you can’t communicate with people properly you can’t communicate with God properly. The church has been so focused on prophecy that all we want is prophecy instead of relationship with our Creator. Communication is the key to every relationship but most importantly our relationship with God. In this end-time army, we need to be at the top of our game and the best way to be the head is to have clear, unobstructed communication with our Heavenly Commander in Chief. It is essential to have the words of truth in our mouths and deeper understanding in our hearts as we prepare for the enemy’s onslaught of deception and coercion in this decade of decision. You do not want to miss this opportunity for a renovation of the heart, mind and mouth.

Course Information

The course is divided into two parts and spans over a duration of 12 weeks.



  • Communication Is The Key To Life
  • Four Personality Styles
  • The Art Of Negotiation
  • Relationship Is More Than Information
  • Speaking The Truth In Love
  • The Art Of Conversation
  • The Art Of Encouragement
  • Deepening Friendships
  • Deepening Social Skills
  • Self-Awareness: A Prerequisite to Self-Protective Assertiveness
  • The Triple-A Model of Assertiveness
  • Body Language
  • Hidden Meanings in Conversation
  • Differences Between Secular and Christian Assertiveness
  • Prophetic Communication is built on Relationship


Part I: Thursday, January 25th - Thursday, March 7th, 2024

  • The classes are held bi-weekly, with every second week being conducted through the online campus.

Part II: Thursday, April 3rd - Thursday, May 9th.

  • Classes will be held weekly on Wednesday Nights with online homework assigned.

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