Foundations In The Prophetic

Learn to hear God's voice and move in effective prophetic ministry.


This course builds the foundation for each student’s growth in spiritual maturity and prophetic gifts. It covers the restoration and reestablishment of the essential spiritual elements of the early Church that were lost over time. Such topics as the restoration of the Church, the fivefold ministry, prophets and apostles, the doctrines of Christ, and the gifts and callings of the Holy Spirit are taught in detail.

By taking this course, you’ll deepen your understanding of spiritual concepts and develop essential foundational teachings. These teachings will help you mature in your character and gifts, ensuring spiritual and ministerial growth.

Such elementary teachings include ‘The Ten M’s of Ministry’ (Manhood, Message, Ministry, Marriage, Morality, Methods, etc.). Another significant topic of study is called ‘Prophetic Pitfalls.’ These pitfalls are not for potential prophets and apostles to study alone but for the whole membership of the Body of Christ.

The lives of patriarchs and prophets are studied, outlining certain behavioral pitfalls we need to avoid so that we may advance in maturity. The pitfalls we discuss include examples from such giants of the faith as Abraham, Moses, Elijah, and the apostles Peter, James, and John.

Whether you’re a leader or a worshipper of Jesus, ‘Prophetic Foundations’ is designed for anyone who desires to move more in the Holy Spirit. Expanding your understanding of how His Spirit instills the Church’s complete restoration, you can actively participate in what Jesus is doing in His Church on earth in these last days. This course offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit.


These topics will be taught and discussed in detail. Other topics and subjects from our prophetic syllabus and training manuals, that have not been listed will also be taught and workshopped.

THE CHURCH: Past, Present and Future
The Restoration of All Things
God Wants To Communicate
The Nature Of Prophecy (Logos And Rhema)
The Office of Prophet and the Gift of Prophecy
The Apostles and Prophets of Today(Overview)
Prophetic Pitfalls – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses
Prophetic Pitfalls – Elijah, Jonah, James and John
Prophetic Pitfalls – Achan, Baalam, Judas
Prophetic Pitfalls – Peter and Mark
The 10 “M’s” – Manhood & Ministry
The 10 “M’s” – Message & Maturity
The 10 “M’s” – Marriage & Methods
The 10 “M’s” – Manners & Money
The 10 “M’s” – Morality & Motives

Course Dates:  (March 6th, 2024 - May 8th, 2024)

Session 1 - March 6th

Sessioon 2 - March 13th

Session 3 - March 20th

Session 4 - March 27th (Online Only)

Session 5 - April 3rd

Session 6 - Apri 10th

Session 7 - April 17th

Session 8 - April 24th (Only Only)

Session 9 - May 1st

Session 10 - May 8th


Classes will be held weekly on Wednesday Nights with online homework assigned.

Remote Study Option Available.

If you are unable to join us in person, you can enroll through our online campus for remote study options. Click here to find out more information.

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