Kingdom Emotions: Unleashing Spirit Born Emotions

Learn how to unleash spirit-born emotions in your life.


All our Christian walk, we have been told, don't live by our feelings. But what if that isn't correct theology. How are we meant to divorce ourselves from our emotions and feelings when God created us to have them.
In this course, we will understand that when our emotions are Kingdom emotions, they are a part of the complete salvation package. Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost...that's the Kingdom of God. Wait wait? That means One-third of the Kingdom is felt. For too long, we have diminished our emotions' role and either labeled them demonic or the flesh. However, in this course, we will learn that the Kingdom of God not only involves thinking and acting like Christ but also feeling like Him.
We are excited to journey with you and open your eyes to how you can gain the fullness of your salvation and unleash spirit Born emotions. Until you learn to feel as part of your spiritual lifestyle, you will not access the abundant life that Christ died to give you. In this course, we will learn that emotions are not just an added extra. They are crucial to unleashing the Kingdom and its power and transformation within you.

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