Resurrection Sunday


This year we have taken on the mandate of what the Apostle Peter said,  "Ye also are living stones," - 1 Peter 2:5

Life has convinced us that it's enough to just exist. We have become so caught up with the routines and rigmarole that we have forgotten to live. Remember, Jesus did not come to give us a life of just existing. Instead, He came to give us life and life abundantly!

This Resurrection Sunday, we invite you to live again and become that LIVING STONE. As we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and King, we encourage you to join us and let hope awaken in you again. Maybe you feel like you are drifting or stagnant. Know that resurrection life is ready to pour into your heart, whatever place you are in. You don't just have to exist or take up can become alive again. Through the power and blood of Jesus, you can welcome new life, new hope, and new vision.

During this Resurrection Sunday, we ask you to take a moment to contemplate and meditate. Where do you need to become a living stone? Ask the Lord to reveal to you where He wants to activate life again so that you may move out of taking up space and feel the energizing of the Holy Spirit to come alive as a LIVING STONE!

You can worship with us this Resurrection Sunday! Join us for a time of celebration and praise as we declare to the world that Jesus is ALIVE! Our team has created a powerful creative presentation to reinforce and impart this message. It will be a night of shaking the graves, removing the stones, and calling life into that which has been dead. For such a time as this, you have been called, placed, and now it's time to live.

*Due to this special service, our services will be combined into one service starting at 6:30 pm. Our Pre-Service prayer teams will be available 30 mins before our service begins to pray and minister to our members and guests.

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