"Alone: No More Quarterback Spirituality."
Sunday, May 7, 2023
Dr. Tony Kassas

There are some things that God can only do when you are alone with Him.
In this dynamic two-part message, Dr. Tony Kassas & Ps. Nathan Kassas share how important it is to be alone with God. In the first half, Dr. Tony reminds us that it's in the alone time with Jesus that we are set apart for intimacy and communion with Him. He challenges us that if, like Jacob, when God gets us by ourselves, all of our manipulative ways come to an end. In the place of "Alone," we come to the end of ourselves and the beginning of Christ within us. Then Ps. Nathan caps it off pointing out the behaviors and mindsets that develop due to not spending time "Alone" with God. He charges us that when we don't give God our attention alone, we resort to "quarterback spirituality." Watch this message to let the Holy Spirit land in you what you need to deepen your relationship with Jesus.

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