"True Repentance"
Thursday, April 27, 2023
Dr. Tony Kassas

Rejection, Rebellion, and Repentance are three R's that sum up a cycle in our life. Dr. Tony Kassas & Ps. Nathan Kassas bring us this timely word about true repentance and the need for it in our Christian walk. Dr. Tony explores the word and reminds us that Jesus was the most rejected. If rejection needs to be handled correctly, we can fall to Rebellion. Cain struggled with this thinking God rejected him and God rejected Cain's idea of how to serve God. The biggest thing God wants us to repent of is believing things that are not true about Him. Many think that saying sorry is the same as repentance, but it is not! Repentance is a gift from God and can only be granted by Him. Dr. Tony and Ps. Nathan walk us through what true repentance is, how we can obtain it, and the evidence that it produces in our lives as its fruit. This message will set straight the record that repentance is not saying sorry and teach you how to enjoy entering into a continual lifestyle of repentance.

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